Friday, February 13, 2015

Айлчин найзууд Монголын тухай, миний гэр бүлийн тухай

2016 он

- "Jurtenleben" by Gisela and Rainer, from Germany

- My blog post: Wednesday, December 28, 2016
2016 онд миний өрх бүл Дэлхийн 26 улсын 136 иргэдтэй танилцаж, амьдарлаа

2015 он

-  This is a story of a day in the life of a Mongolian family by Miguel and Inese, from Malta and Poland.

LEGEND 03 - CUCKOO NAMJIL  by Valeria and Gabriel, from Italy

2014 онд 

- Interview on Couchsurfing by Allyson and Star TV

- 11.07.2014 - V Jurtě by Jiri and Zuzana

- Séjour chez Begz et sa famille à Oulan-Bator / Stay with Begz and his family in Ulaanbaatar by Sophie and Youssef

- Mongolia, I love you by Philip and Alistril

2013 онд

- Round the World 2013 /video/ by Gonzalo Lerea:

- Tran Lam: Gã chăn bò mơ mộng
English automatic translation Beef cattle guy day dreaming

- Dani and Sam: Dani & Sam Overland - Ulan Bataar, Mongolia

- Lianne Bronzo: CouchSurfing with a Mongolian Family

- Shervin family : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Couchsurfing A Ger

- Moxie : Internal/External A Ger Meal

2012 онд 

- Jan and Marjolein: Mongolia received us with a smile! :)

- Melanie and Florent: Oulan-Bator chez une famille Mongole

- Alycia Kravitz:  Mongolia

- Artur: Latające auto napędzane mlekiem /Flying car driven by milk/

- Tsira Gamisonia and Russian RT TV documentary team Traveling on friendship - RT Documentary

- Chris and Kelly: The Land of Big Sky: A Week in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2011 онд

- Daniel Moroder:, what a city. In any sense. I had the best and maybe worst experience till now.

- Cartensac and Routenvrac: Traditions mongoles dans la yourte.

- Harry: Here is Lets Go Harry's Diary:Fr. 28.Okt.2011. Ankunft in Ulaanbaatar = UBDi. 15.Nov.2011. In UB bei Zeia und Begzs

- Sahe and Yoshie:
-- Couchsurfer No. 119
-- Cooking with cow dung, cleaning with our tongues

- Marie and Regis: Matin, Midi et Soir (du 24 juillet au 1er août)

- Robert: Ger of our host, Begz

- Ale and Marcella: Life in a Ger - A Mongolian family filled with love

2010 онд

- Edward Adrian-Vallance: Couchsurfing a ger in Ulaanbaatur page

- George Clipp and Eva Arnold's documentary A Mongolian Couch

- Andrew and Ali: There's a ger in there...

2009 онд

- Julian Virguiz: UB

- Christian Morgan: Mongolia

- Claudia Reinhardt: Im Land der unglaublichen Weiten

- Eddy Vallance: Couchsurfing a ger in Ulaanbaatur

- Basia and Greg Karas: Dni 70-72 - Mongolia

- Marcus Eckhardt: Abwesenheitsnotiz

- Hendric Tay: Rediscovered my home (Singapore), Begzsuran – Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

- Marjolein Perquy: Ulaan Baatar (Rode Held)

- Tereza Weissova:,_vybavena_solarnim_ohrivacem_vody.JPG  photos

- George Clipp: Documentary - A Mongolian Couch

- Rosine Suire: Already been a week ... Ulaan Baatar

- Nelly and Alex Foray - Gonard: 17/06/09 - Depart pour Kharakhorin...

- Remy Bouix:,a846431.html Ulaan Baatar

- KIWIFAMILY: GER: Global Education Received

- Wolf and Ada: Couch Surfing in a Mongolian Yert

- Elise Leduc: Bonjour l'Asie

2008 онд

- Rosanne Ufkes: Sain bainuu Mongolie 1

- Fleur Britten: Book - On The Couch

- Anna BAVENCOFFE: Mongolie, Ulaan-Baatar / Près d'Ulan-Bator

- Chris Monahan: One Month in Mongolia. Part 1.

- Andrew Judkins: It's a Holiday in Mongolia! It's Tough, Kid, but It's Life! It's a Library in Mongolia! Don't Forget to Pack a Raincoat!

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