Монголын Номын санчдаас төлөөлөл болж, онлайнаар илтгэл тавина Fw: Your Library 2.011 Presentation Booking

Library 2.011 нэртэй дэлхий даяарх онлайн хуралд бүртгүүлж, улмаар 2011 оны 11 сарын 4 өдрийн 10-11 цагт онлайнаар Монголын нийтийн номын сангуудын төлөөлөл болгож өөрийн номын сангаа танилцуулахаар боллоо.

Сонирхсон хүн бүхнийг онлайнаар шууд явагдах Library 2.011 хуралд оролцохыг уръя.
хуудаснаас тавигдах илтгэлүүд, болон цагийн хуваарьтай танилцана уу.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Library 2.011 Conference <hargadon@gmail.com>
To: mcl_begee@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 12:50 PM
Subject: Your Library 2.011 Presentation Booking

Thank you for your scheduling your Library 2.011 presentation! Please double check that the right time zone is listed below next to the date/time, and that your scheduled time is correct when the conference schedule is posted in the coming days. Send any communication about this to steve@hargadon.com
Be sure to go to the "Training" page on the Library 2.011 conference website (http://www.library2011.com) to see the times for training in the use of Blackboard Collaborate.
Thank you!
Steve Hargadon
Co-Chair, Library 2.011
Here are the details for your records...
Booking starts: November 4, 2011 10:00 AM (Asia/Shanghai)
Booking ends: November 4, 2011 11:00 AM (Asia/Shanghai)
Duration: 1 hour
Your Email: mcl_begee@yahoo.com
Session Title: Is this "public" library in Mongolia?
Session Strand (use the "tag"): 2.011Libraries
Language in Which You Will Present: english
Your Name and Title: Begzsuren, IT Manager
Your Library, School, or Organization Name: Ulaanbaatar Public Library
Name(s) of Co-Presenter(s): none
Session Description: I will to introduce what is today's Public Libraries in Mongolia.
You can see from my presentation, Mongolian Public Libraries have fee based annual registration, it's a requirement. After registration you can use library resources.
After the presentation, I want to receive anyone's advice/information on historical steps/changes in their public libraries development. I want to know what changes we must do? How we can change our Mongolian public libraries like yours?
Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Asia
Your Bio: I'm 35, male, married. I live in Ulaanbaatar city with my wife and 4 children.
I graduated as a software engineer at Mongolian National University in 1994-1998.
I have been working in Ulaanbaatar Public Library since 1998 as an information technology specialist.
Link to Library 2.011 Session Proposal (full URL with http://): http://pl.ub.gov.mn
Target Audience: to all


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