charitable organization гэж ямар байгууллага вэ, Монголд энэ төрлийн байгууллагыг байгуулах эрх зүйн орчин бүрдсэн үү

·         Dear J.,
Sorry that it has taken so long to respond. The Library Trust was established in 1972 according to State and National laws for charitable organizations. The Internal Revenue Service designated the Trust as a 501 c3 organization which does not pay taxes on the money it receives. The purpose of the Trust is only to provide financial support for the Tulsa City-County Library system.
I would very much enjoy visiting Mongolia someday. My wife, Katie is now retired from teaching and takes care of our grandson two days a week. She is also volunteering for a women's organization that provides clothes for poor children. In April we lost one of our dogs, the female Boxer. They do not live long enough and we miss her. But, we have our male Boxer, Miles. Last May we went to Italy, Croatia and Greece, but we have no plans at this time for a trip.
Hope that you are well,
= = =
Father, 4 children
IT manager, Ulaanbaatar Public Library
Head, Library and Information Technology Association NGO
Advisory Board Member, The New Media Marketing Agency
Family Ambassador, Couchsurfing
Biznetwork: /p/jbegzsuren
Facebook/Twitter/Skype ID: jbegzsuren
"if it's possible, before you print this email, please think about keeping the nature, thank you!"

= = =
IT manager, Ulaanbaatar Public Library
Advisory Board Member, The New Media Marketing Agency
head, Library and Information Technology Association
Family Ambassador for Couchsurfing Ulaanbaatar
eIFL Co-Ambassador for Mongolia
Biznetwork: /p/jbegzsuren
Facebook: jbegzsuren
Twitter: jbegzsuren
Skype: jbegzsuren
Enehuu emailiig chyhal shaardlagatai bish bol hevlehguigeer ashiglaj,
Eh delhiigee hairlah uilsed hyvi nemree oryylna uu.


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