Оролцохоор болжээ, Fw: Welcome to Cycling for libraries :)

Cycling for Libraries 2012 арга хэмжээнд намайг оролцохыг зөвшөөрсөн хариуг зохион байгуулагчидаас өнөөдөр хүлээн авлаа.
Монголын номын санчдын дуу хоолой болж, Дэлхийн улсуудын номын сангуудын мэдээ, мэдээлэл, Гадаадын номын санч, мэргэжилтэнүүдийн дуу хоолой, үзэл бодлыг газар дээрээс нь очиж шууд хүргэх боломж олдож байгаад баяртай байна.
Энэхүү үйл ажиллагаатай холбоотой цаашдын бүхий л мэдээлэл, хүсэлтээ  та бүхэнд хүргэж ажиллана.
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From: Mace Ojala <mace@cyclingforlibraries.org>
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 3:58 AM
Subject: Welcome to Cycling for libraries :)

Dear all.
Thank you for your interest in the international Cycling for libraries -unconference from Vilnius to Tallinn 28.7.-7.8.2012.
The fastest 50 registrations were accepted directly on the first day of the registration, on 1st of April. You all, the recipients of this email, have been in the queue until now.
As planned, the registration process was closed today. We reached a very convenient total number of total 106 registrations, so.............
We hereby confirm the participation of all of you to Cycling for libraries. Welcome!!
We've read all of your registrations forms and it has been exciting and very motivating. It is clear, that this is a group of really amazing people coming together in Vilnius in the end of July. We're really looking forward to it!
Next, here are some practical things:
* we have a mailinglist for everyone who participates in Cycling for libraries. I will add all of you in just a minute
* you may proceed to http://www.eventilla.com/cyc4lib2012/ to choose your favourite method to pay the 250€ registration fee. We kindly ask you to pay it before the 4th of June
* using the mailinglist, we will assign everybody a little homework to orient ourselves to the unconference
* also using the mailinglist, there will be information about what to pack and bring with you in July, how we do luggage transport and other practical matters
Again, thanks for joining the Cycling for libraries, and let's stay in touch!
On behalf of the network of organizers,
-- Leading pathfinders Mace Ojala and Jukka Pennanen
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