My Vietnamese Friend Lam's blog post: Beef cattle guy daydreaming

Original is in Vietnamese:

Beef cattle guy daydreaming

Begz, 37 years old. Guys my height who, breaking face full of wrinkles, black strongly stain human. Almost toothless mouth make him look like an old man beyond 60 years. It was not until he smiled, eyes cleaning háy always are dream what a well done, I'm minus 10 years. Sure you know I'm calculating age of man should always Begz well laugh, walking unleashed purged as a kid mess with chips. Begz lives with his wife and four children in a hut on the outskirts of Ulan Bator, 14 Center station bus stop. Where Begz is called in the tent, the Mongolian people's poor and always overlooked in your schedule.

Except for the huts of Begz.

I was the first foreigner 187 and is the first human set foot in huts.

When I arrived, there were only Gadma age 6 at home. She hid behind his back, looked at me smiling toe toét while I l trịch the heavy rucksacks, travel search Begz's tent. A while later, will see me swim bag-bõm in mud snow miserable, she grabbed my hand, opening the door to step into tents and dragged the Chair invited me to sit. And then you say hello to me and ringing of falling run away, just drag the folder has just stuttered some English sentences: Gadma late ... Gadma go to school ...Begz cow blanket ... Wait Begz. But before closing, you still don't forget to return the oral toét laugh with me.

I sit alone in the dark tent, not daring to breathe, afraid someone suddenly open call for steals, I wouldn't know what to say. This is a typical Butt huts, there is a fireplace in the Center, surrounded by the debris, furniture that the whole family will have picked up over the years. Several hanging tent wall poster of the Herbal Life, depicting the smiling faces foreign toe toét as trying to sell an item. Between the houses is a 32-inch TV screen placed solemn and both the CPU, a shell removed, exposed sets off the ropes and hard drive clutter. The civilized world contrasted strongly with surrounding decor. I started to be curious about who the owner of this tent.

After a moment of Begz. This guy is following up on the Hill, beef cattle heard me coming Doll left the bulls about to me. The two sides offered each other silly nghịu. My Begz up the hill with this guy, I nodded.

The hill behind the House or inert Begz not a tree, where I stood had little grass fire gold ệch, hiding crevices in desperation on the ground, trying to escape the mouth magpies, starving cattle herd of Begz. After the long winter, little cow's only genuine leather. From up on the Hill looking down can be seen over the city. Painting of Ulan Bator divided into three distinct arrays running across the frame, foreground color dots clutter of the lower roof, followed by towering buildings, dull black cover background is the mountain behind. The panorama is a bleak gray tones. The painting wrapped around the end of the Hill, in a dilapidated prison, was deserted. It is also the end point of the city and County's starting point, the Tent dots opalescent, grimy ...Begz daydreaming. Guys want to build these homes for the villagers, and the type of guy that guy found out there in a place far from shaking. The House has a wall with tires, plastic bottles, bark roofs of water filtered naturally by the sand and can plant trees in the House. Guys let me see the pictures he collected was about man's dream house and said, "you're the architect, you're giving me advice like that do not". I replied: "I don't know, before I just painted concrete houses and do not draw anything if homeowners don't pay enough money. But your ideas are very interesting and perhaps do it. "

Cold spectacle in the heart. The snow is not falling but wind blowing skirt clothing through non-hun, do I run the medium. I walk around, take pictures but the wind so cold, nodded back to find Begz. He still sits on the hill slopes of lu revenue shrinkage of people into the Crimson shirt and grimy, attentively reading something from your phone. I'm curious again near, seen looking at a book on medicine and diet (Your body, the missing manual). 304 page book in English and thick professional words. Begz tells me that guy has room to page 106, part of muscles and bones. Golden calf Begz cụi medium sized dictionary excitedly flashed to me this guy's findings. Fall is a 206 bone but the children had more than 300 ... and human blood consists of red blood cells and white blood cells. Begz tells the guy opened a healthy Club, invited the villagers to talk about health each morning. He invited me to join. I nodded reluctantly, anyway I still thanks for the guy.

Now I understand why a guy beef cattle live in the snow again able to speak English well. I quietly looked at shoes Empire cracked in two of the guys, it isn't snow flows washed hill slopes on Brindle Zebra.

Beef cattle sessions ended when her new baby cow calf tongue in memory, which drops about ò ò. • Cows follow. Both we're coming into a vertical rows, Saudi jeans go ahead, go after cows, followed the dog wander just watch your calves. We go after, walked talked about live long healthy lives.

That night, I slept dropouts. In part because of the cold, partly because tired after four days on the road. Body fatigue leaving but I dare not, fearing his spurs people to wake up. The only space in the tent, the day where the family is eating, living, sleeping and night of 7 people staying and convulsive.

Sun has just hửng, I have been building up, pulled out a blanket and make room for the morning meeting. Members include the whole family Begz, two neighbor about middle-aged woman at the age of 77. People drink herbal tea and discuss how to eat to lose fat. Begz connect the computer with a 32-inch screen, start running club sessions by an Uzbek man 's: "do it yourself breakfast, sharing lunch with friends and make dinner for the enemy" (the Uzbek man's fall, so I thought of Vietnam). Then Begz dich each line 106 page out of Mongolian for everyone (ok, I've understand why guys must hate cụi read this page all day yesterday). People notes very carefully on the enclosed booklet the word ... Begz ask me what Vietnamese people in the morning. I don't know what to say, back up to noodle soup and let people see a noodle Bowl snapshot on the network. As a result I lost half an hour grappling with questions of Begz of what shows up in the picture ... What's sprouting ... what flavor ... planting and nutrient content. The question that is answered by the Vietnamese I don't know how to explain, so officers said here. Begz to translate what I say out of Mongolian, everybody's record.

The living end with a 10-minute-long exercise. It is an exercise which included the healthy half of the movements, qigong combined with the boot post football. Begz Prim distorted bends, doing samples. Everyone intently follow him.


The last day in the Begz, the guy gave me the 3 booklet, asked me to write a few lines on the last page. Guys don't forget to tell me is kept carefully because this is a man's precious assets. I'm curious to read open ...

Three dense booklet the handwriting lines, squiggly drawings, photographs the whisker guy xồm big xoàm out laughing or these girls are doing a surreal appearance. They are the couch surfer (translates as people surf Chair, the guys go to bed thanks to on the sofas) has ever visited the tent of Begz. Couch surfing is an Internet community of the Wanderer to a strange place, having strangers to ask a dozen student overnight. There is a transaction any money in getting to sleep due to this. A community built on trust and generosity. Begz is not a hand glide Chair, he also has no sofas. That guy just got a hard and cold floors, wide, less than a dozen square meters and a stove burn cow dung drying. Throughout his life, except for a brief trip to Beijing, Begz has not any time out of the country, never sleep thanks to the ai. But in the past three years, there were almost two hundred guys wandering to stay in our little tent Begz, sleeping on the floor and heating by cow dung with family guy. The floor of this guy, not a new tent, background right, just wide enough to let some people lying opposite, top man up the other leg. So that once nearly 20 people sleeping on them.

People come and go. What they left behind is the squiggly feel in the booklet of this guy.

Begz back to daydreaming. He hopes to build a library of 400 hand-glide seat. 400 people would come to bed the guys and recounted their experiences about Mongolia. People will read the advice of who goes first, then before moving, they will retain their own feel for the next person. Many people write very long, have written in their native language, have people draw, ... all are contributing to the building of the library of information Begz, starting from the crumpled booklet due through too many hands.

This time it's my turn, the 169 written on this booklet.

Here's what I wrote:

"Begz and Sayumbo, Gadma, Munglun and Manujun and Todo dear,

I visited the tent of you after a long trip almost 3 thousand kilometers, exhaustion and starvation. You have welcomed me with a smile and a disk full of bread with butter. Sayumbo, I cook for my rice dishes with horse meat which I know is only available to guests. Todo, you played for me and led me to go buy clothes. Manujin, help me about to blankets and mattresses to sleep. Gadma and Munglun, the children led me to go around the village and play hide and seek with me. I don't feel you are far from the sight. Thank you much!

Person before wrote in this booklet: "You are very lucky if you read this inscription, because you are in with the Begz family." Indeed I am very lucky. Thanks Begz for the lessons on diet and exercise in the morning. I feel up a lot and can continue.

Now I leave a few small tips for those who come later about the country of Mongolia.

1. GO in with FAMILY BEGZ: you and me now.

2. I have just come to Mongolia and don't have much experience traveling here. But through this log book, I see many people complain about struggling with buying train tickets from Zamiin Uud go Ulan Bator. You have to jostle, push in the ticket and fight with the local population. The Mongols and never lined up. The ticket purchase difficult because often selling out for touts, then goes back with double the price.
This is because when going from Beijing to Ulan Bator, the familiar journey as you alight at the Second Contact the Chinese side, passing through the border to Zamiin Uud and buy train tickets from there to Ulan Bator. However, Board the Zamiin Uud-Ulaanbaatar actually departed from the Chinese side Ventures Ii. So, all you have to do is jump on board from the second Link, wait for the control of the ticket to buy tickets, go to Ulan Bator on the Board and assured the Mongolian plain enjoyment through the window.

-Coach from Beijing-the second Link: 180 RMB, arriving at 6 am.
-The train from Second Lien-Zamiin Uud: RMB 66, run at 5: 10 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You have to go to the previous Terminal, exit procedures 2.
-The train from Zamiin Uud-Ulaanbaatar: 175 RMB 200 39 or MNT, arriving at 10 a.m. the next day.

Good luck.
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